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Since 2000


Blu and Penny Landry would like to welcome you to a true Cajun hunting experience at Blu’s Hunting Lodge. We assure you of some of the best hunting and lodging available in south Louisiana. The lodge is located on the outskirts of Kaplan, Louisiana where you will often witness flight after flight of ducks and geese overhead.

Blu's Hunting Lodge offers guided drive up, or lodging, duck and goose combination hunts. If you decide to stay overnight, you enjoy our fully furnished lodge. The complete kitchen facility is where “all you can eat” meals are cooked and served. You will find our buffet style meals second to none. When the weather allows, we have a large backyard area for sitting, soaking up the sun, and grilling. Dogs are welcomed inside the camp as long as you keep them in a portable crate in your room. 

All our blinds are 3 to 4 man pit style which are buried in the levees of our rice fields. The blinds stay in place year round to allow natural camouflage to grow up around them. Out of these blinds you will usually kill mixed limits of Mallards, Pintails, Gadwall, and Specklebelly Geese. 

Hunters are allowed to bring their own dogs; however, we expect your dog to be under control and we do not take responsibility if your dog ruins a hunt for you or someone else. Our guides have their own experienced dogs trained to perfection. When booking, please inform us if you plan to bring your dog. Please bring the necessities to care for your dog during your stay. As we said, your dog is welcomed inside our camp, but we do ask that you make sure your dog is courteous to other guests. Dogs that do not sleep in the camp must be kept in your portable crate, either in your truck bed or in our backyard.


Guide Services

Blu’s Hunting Lodge has several different hunting packages to meet all your waterfowl hunting needs. These hunts do not include your hunting license. These hunt packages are all-inclusive other than your clothes, gun shells and license.  We also offer a discount on these hunts for groups of eight or more hunters. Our hunts book up quickly after the release of the waterfowl season dates; therefore, we must have a 50% nonrefundable deposit to reserve your date.  Cancellations may be rescheduled. If you do not reschedule, the deposit will be lost. These reservations insure your choice dates. Professional guides and the dogs are provided with your hunt. 


Duck & Goose Combination Hunt

$250 per person 



~ 1 Overnight stay with dinner and breakfast

~ Morning Duck and Goose Combination Hunt

~ Lunch

Drive Up

Duck & Goose Combination Hunt

$150 per person (Morning)

$100 per person (Afternoon)



~ 1 Duck and Goose Combination Hunt

Bird Processing

$2.00 per duck

$4.00 Snows & Blues - $5.00 Specklebelly (plucked & cleaned).

All hunters are required to take their birds home with them upon departure.

What to bring

  • Your best plugged waterfowl gun and steel shot (non-toxic ammunition).

  • Chest waders for goose spread hunts.

  • Knee or Hip Boots for duck and combo hunts.

  • Waterproof Mossy Oak Shadow Grass or equal camouflage clothing and Face Mask.

  • Blind bag, shell belt, or hunting vest.

  • Cooler to transport your ducks in for return trip home.

  • Flashlight.

  • Ear protection and Camera if desired.

Camp, Blinds & Waterfowl


2019 - 2020 Louisiana

Migratory Bird Hunting Seasons




September 14 - 29

Coastal Zone​

November 9 – December 8 
December 21 - January 19   

Youth Hunts

Nov. 2 - 3

South Zone​

November 2 – December 8

December 21 – February 9

Conservation Order​

December 9 – December 13

February 10 – March 15


Our Team

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Blu Landry
Penny Landry

“It's not called killing, it's called hunting...”

Blu Landry